3 Steps of Relocating a Building

When you are ready to move, you know you will need to box up everything you’re taking with you so that it can be relocated to the new place. Did you know that you can also hire building relocation services to take the structure with you as well? There are three basic steps to the process of moving the building itself.

1. Planning Phase
The first thing you need to do is meeting with the relocation company about the logistics. The contractors will need to know the size of your building and the materials used to build it. This helps them determine which equipment they will need to use and how many trucks they will need to haul it. With this information, they can formulate a plan and give you an estimated timeline and price.

2. Loading Phase
Once the day of the building relocation arrives, the movers arrive at your property with jacks and trucks. They lift each portion of the building separately. Then they back the truck bed under the section of the building that the jack is lifting so that it can be placed safely for transport. Each piece is secured so that it makes it to the new location intact.

3. Rebuilding Phase
When all the parts of your building make it to the new location, it has to be rebuilt. Movers lift each section off the back of the truck and place it on the foundation where it belongs. The building is pieced back together. New joints will likely have to be applied, and the technicians must verify the structural integrity of the building before they finish the job. Once this process is complete, you can move everything back in.

Moving to a new location doesn’t necessarily mean having to find a new building. With building relocation services, you can take the structure with you.