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3 Tips for Finding a Disaster Recovery Specialist


Finding a disaster recovery specialist is fairly easy. Finding a good one that tackles the specific disaster your building suffered and on short notice may take some time. When disaster strikes, people may feel compelled to act quickly. They may feel pressured to make fast decisions about who to work with to restore a sense of normalcy. However, it is a good idea to take some time to think carefully about who to hire and what the next steps should be.

  1.  Call the Insurance Company

Does your insurance cover the disaster you suffered? Ask them for recommendations. Even if they do not cover the damages, they may be able to point you in the right direction. Note that sometimes insurance companies may leave it up to homeowners to choose contractors from a predetermined list. Some may provide no recommendations at all.

  1.  Do Some Research

Someone in your circle of friends may have dealt with a disaster of a similar kind before. They may have worked with contractors who they believe are worth recommending. If you decide to do a Google search, try to stick to companies with reviews so you can verify client satisfaction. If an entire neighborhood or town suffers from a natural disaster, then you may need to be extremely patient when looking for a good disaster recovery specialist.

  1.  Confirm Certifications and Insurance

You just had one disaster. The last thing you need is to get stuck with the expenses for another. Even the best contractors are not immune to human error, especially if they are moving from site to site, helping multiple natural disaster victims. When they are bonded, licensed and insured, this protects you from liabilities related to any mishaps that may cause.

Disasters can strike at any time. Even when given fair warning, the end result may be far worse than you prepared for. Get proactive about emergency preparations at your home by finding a disaster recovery specialist long before you ever need one.