3 Ways Helical Piers Can Benefit Your Construction Projects


When your home needs extra foundational support in uncertain soils, a helical pier may be the perfect solution. Each pier is a steel pin that is driven into the ground, well below the frost line into the challenging dirt, with heavy-duty hydraulic machinery. The piers have been used to support house foundations, decks, and home additions. Here are three ways helical piles can benefit your construction projects.

1. Load Bearing

When it comes to repairing structural supports or joining foundations, it can be difficult to ascertain stability, which is the primary function of the piers. As with any style of support system, there are load limits. However, the very design of the pier screw style allows for ease in determining the resistance and stability of each pin as it is driven into the earth, allowing for an accurate load bearing calculation.

2. True Precision

Buildings and structures with foundational issues require precision when applying any type of support. The helical piles’ screw-like nature allows them to be placed using equipment that can measure resistance and torque accurately. The handheld devices then measure when to stop digging, permitting true precision in both depth and support.

3. Vertical Versatility

The piers are typically placed into the earth vertically as a gravity aid. The foundation then uses gravity to help support the structure on the various underpinning brackets. Sometimes, the supports require versatility in each location with horizontal or lateral placement. The unique configuration is possible because of the technological design of the piles.

Information Solution

Whether you are building a new home or securing a damaged footing, your local foundation manufacturing or design company can help your contractor locate the best solution for any problem. From how helical piles work to how to secure complete foundation systems, the representatives can answer all your questions today. Contact your nearest agent today for the best service available.