Foundation Concerns? Symptoms and Causes of a Failing Foundation

The foundation of your home can shift over time. The shift can be due to changes in soil texture, faulty footing, and design errors. House lifting allows professionals to get to the root of the problem and find a solid solution. 

Symptoms of Foundation Issues

Symptoms that your foundation is failing:

  • Inward bowing of the walls.
  • Cracking.
  • Visible opening at the top of the basement wall and the structure.
  • Dripping and seepage of water through the cracks.
  • Vertical changes in doorways.

Causes of Foundation Issues

Lateral pressure on the foundation causes the walls to bow and crack. For concrete walls, it is common to see cracks start in the corner and move at a 45-degree angle. For block walls, it is typical to see a stair-step pattern.

If you see water seeping through the cracks, filling the cracks with epoxy will not fix the problem. The hydrostatic pressure will move elsewhere along the walls. Therefore, it is crucial to have a professional assess the situation and develop a plan to remediate the problem.

Although the pressure of soil weight is calculated and considered during the designing of a home, ongoing soil changes over time may eventually disrupt the stability of the home’s foundation. Moisture changes, water accumulation, and freezing temperatures can change the soil composition and weight. Water crystals in frozen soil expand and are one of the main reasons for catastrophic structural damage. House lifting to level the foundation may be necessary. 

Resolve the Problem with a Professional

A certain amount of settlement in a home is expected. Some uniform settlement is not critical. However, differential vertical movement can cause a concerning amount of elevation distortion. Homes with extensive concerns require special procedures and house lifting to stop and limit additional settlement. Once investigated by a foundation engineer, resistance piers or helical anchors can be installed to reduce further settlement.