Sometimes homeowners can find their home suddenly establishes itself on unstable soil or soil that can’t bear the building’s weight. Whether it is shifting earth after a tremor, a flood, or another natural disaster that causes the soil to change, the problem needs to be corrected quickly. Moving the weight into load bearing layers or strata is a viable option using resistance piers or helical piles. A house lifting team or a foundation repair company can tell you which of the products is correct for your home, but here are a few differences to help you decide.

  •  Placement

How the securing features are placed into the soil are very different between the piers and piles. Piers are drilled into the layers with a drilling machine, and the load is then field tested under the building after the unit has been installed. Piles use plates attached to screw threads of different sizes that are driven into the ground and the supporting strata.

  •  Load

How the load is supported can be important to how durable the foundational reinforcement is under the building. Piers support the foundation by using a weight bearing system of columns. Helical piles can transfer load with both friction and weight bearing by using the auger type screw supports.

  •  Types

Pier support systems are comprised of concrete, masonry, and caissons that are drilled. Piles, on the other hand, come in friction, anchor, compaction, tension, sheet, and end-bearing foundational support types. To make sure your home is supported by the correct foundation, check with a contractor.

  •  Depth

Whether your contractor chooses to use a pier or pile system may often depend on the depth required to reach a solid foundation of rock. Piers are shallower because of the columns that need to be drilled and filled with concrete. Piles are often used up to 10 feet or more in depth.

Both the piers and helical piles foundation methods of support are used by contractors to sustain homes on unstable soil. Knowing your home is securely placed on rock can bring you peace of mind.