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Four Ways To Put Helical Piers in Action


Helical piers provide sure foundations; each steel shaft has round helix plates that can be deeply driven into the ground with hydraulic equipment. These tools are becoming increasingly versatile as manufacturers and construction crews put them into action in a wide variety of settings. Check out several ways the piers are used in addition to providing support for foundations.

One: Utility Poles and Other Vertical Structures

Have you ever wondered about the safety of technicians on telephone or electrical poles? Their lives may well depend on the stability of the poles they are climbing. In many cases, these poles are secured by helical piers. These piers could provide similar stability for communication, radio, and television towers. Billboards, team scoreboards, and press boxes at the local high school are also great applications for these powerful steel supports.

Two: Residential Add-ons and Reconstruction

Helical shafts are already being used to support second-story construction, such as sunrooms. When homeowners consider putting retaining walls on their properties, the steel shafts are an excellent option. They are also an excellent choice for supporting basement walls that must be rebuilt after damages.

Three: Water Construction

Homeowners who live near the water use steel helical shafts to build retaining walls at the water’s edge and as support for boat garage foundations. They are used to support posts for docks and boardwalks around the dock.

Four: Vertical Support Systems

These piers are a valuable option when construction calls for vertical supports. They offer tieback support that can withstand heavy winds, flooding, and poor soil conditions. They’ve been found acting as abutments for bridges and suspension tools for suspended utility pipes. Homeowners may not have a lot of bridges on their properties but seeing the tools in use can provide inspiration for other applications.

How Can Helical Shafts Help?

Clearly, helical piers can be used with concrete, wood, soil, and water. They are used horizontally and vertically. They provide foundational support and work while suspended. Homeowners looking for foundation solutions or tools for retaining walls or a way to add a second story structure should consider the steel helical shafts.