How Do You Safely Lift or Move a House?


Whether you found a property with a better view or want to raise your home above floodwater levels, house lifting may provide the solution you need. To most homeowners, the idea of lifting the house is a new and scary concept. If a mere shift in the soil can affect the foundation, what kind of structural damage can you expect from lifting and moving and what can you do to make it easier?

Hire Professionals

This is not a job for DIYers and new contractors. Hire experienced contractors who specialize in moving homes in your area. If possible, ask for references.

Check the Contract

Before you do anything at all, review the contract presented to you. Ensure you have the reassurances and protection you need, such as full insurance if anything happens to your home. The last thing you want is for professionals to make a mistake that ends up costing you directly.

Verify Foundation Plans

Whether you lift or move a home completely, it will need a new foundation. A good house lifting company will present you with suitable options ahead of time. Foundation choices may determine the move schedule.

Prepare the Site

Any foundation option you choose will require some site prep, even if you only plan to lift the house. If you plan to lift the home, clean out your basement or crawl space ahead of time. You might also need to address wiring, plumbing and ducts.

Prepare the Interior

If you have ever owned or traveled in an RV before, you probably know what happens when you move a home. The contents inside shift and can break. Put breakables away and clear counter spaces. Bathtubs, beds and kitchen sinks are good places for storing items.

The key to ensuring a safe and successful house lifting is hiring a professional and taking the necessary precautionary steps. Knowing what those are ahead of time can help you better follow the process and might give you peace of mind.