Raising a foundation is the process of house lifting so that the bottom floor of the home is permanently elevated above the ground. Though an expensive undertaking, it’s often the best possible solution to a number of home issues. To get an understanding of how much raising your foundation will cost, consider these factors.




Size and weight are the two biggest factors when determining the cost of raising the foundation of your home. The bigger and heavier the home, the higher the cost. What is the square footage of your home and how many levels does it have? After considering these factors, there are other design questions to ask yourself. What material was used for your foundation? Do you have big trees or any other landscaping blocking access to your foundation? Does the house need to be moved anywhere else besides up?




Is your house lifting project a reparation job as well? Have you already suffered flood damage or discovered your foundation needs extreme repair? Damage to the home itself makes it a much more complicated task. Separate repairs may need to be done before the raising can begin. If it’s a faulty foundation, the damage must be repaired in a way that will also prevent the same issues from reoccurring.




Other expenses arise from the smaller details such as time-sensitivity, obtaining permits, disconnecting power and all utilities, and the cleanup. Furthermore, when consulting a professional, keep in mind that labor is not cheap and liability insurance is a must. Ask your contractor about possible extra costs to get an accurate estimate.


While some foundation work can cost in the low thousands, raising a foundation takes a lot more manpower, special equipment, and attention to detail. Some house lifting jobs cost as low as $30,000, but some cost as much or even more than $150,000. Consider these factors and talk to a professional to get the best understanding of how much it will cost to raise your home.