House Lifting

If you live in an area with loose soil that compresses easily, you may be struggling with your house settling. As the years pass, your home may drop lower and lower, leading to problems such as weakened foundations, cracked walls, uneven driveways, stuck doors and windows, or even broken steps. Fortunately, there are a number of contractors out there who can help you raise your house. Here’s what to look for when you’re trying to choose a house lifting contractor.


First of all, make sure that the contractor you are considering is both licensed and insured. They should have the proper training necessary to complete the job. Some contractors offering extremely low quotes may not actually have the necessary qualifications. Check with your state’s licensing authority or the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the contractor you are considering has the required house lifting credentials. You may also want to read customer reviews to make sure that they performed the job adequately.


Next, make sure that the contractor knows how to handle your problem. There are many different techniques used by house lifters, and some may be more appropriate for a situation than others. Find out whether your home would be best served by steel reinforcement, helical piles, or power jacking, and then determine whether your contractor has the experience and expertise necessary to complete that procedure.


Be sure to determine whether your contractor has adequately trained technicians. They should have the attention to detail and extensive knowledge necessary to lift your house correctly. Be concerned if previous customers have complaints, or if the contractor provides an unusually long schedule in their quote.


Finally, find out what type of equipment your contractor uses. Some companies still use old-fashioned hand power to jack up a house, which can increase the possibility for error. Make sure that your chosen contractor is applying the latest technology to your home. When it comes to house lifting, quality should come first.