Protecting the Foundation of Your Beach House

A beach house is a great location for a getaway. You may even decide that you love the view so much you want to make it your main home. A common problem with a home near the shoreline is a shifting foundation due to the sand content of the ground beneath it. This can cause structural damage throughout the house that is expensive and time-consuming to repair. You need either a seawall or house lifting services to protect your foundation on sandy soil.

A seawall’s main purpose is to stop the concrete in your foundation from bowing outward. Any time the base of your home shifts, it becomes more susceptible to cracks that weaken its ability to support the structure. An additional anchor fortifies the retaining wall to keep the foundation in place. The more secure your foundation is, the less likely it is to develop fissures that cause big problems down the line.

Another way to anchor your home and safeguard its structural integrity is through house lifting. Support beams are driven deep into the ground past the sandy topsoil. Your home’s foundation is attached to the top of these beams. Professional house lifters can assess the topography of your area and propose the best solution for raising your home safely and securely. In addition to giving your foundation the extra support it needs to remain stable, elevating your beach house in this way also helps prevent flooding during coastal storms.

Many people enjoy having a home near the shore. It can be a great family vacation spot or a fantastic place to retire. Foundation problems, however, are neither serene nor relaxing. House lifting or seawall installation is necessary to protect your beach house’s foundation and secure the overall structure. Having the proper support helps you enjoy your home and avoid the headache of structural damage on sandy ground.