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There is a preservation movement going on around you, and though it may be quiet and unobtrusive, it is important in helping create an understanding of this nation’s culture, past, and heritage. However, there is a problem the movement is facing in the friction between the current historical preservation movement and the coming generation, because the youth don’t see the answer to current and future problems in the same way. Because the action to save the planet’s history rests on the movement in every town around the world, it appears there is no easy answer to how to best handle the situation.

Public Awareness

One of the biggest problems is public awareness. The youth of today may understand history is significant, but there is a large gap between that knowledge and how it relates to each of their daily lives. Some people believe educating the coming generation on the importance of heritage and culture may be the answer. Others believe that knowledge alone does not ensure interest in a historical context.

Important Areas

The idea that a building, tunnel, bridge, or land must be part of a historical preservation movement can be difficult for some students to understand. That is why the U.S. Government offers a Historic/Cultural Preservation and Service Learning Program where individuals can immerse themselves in the nation’s history. The youths learn about revitalization projects, re-using resources, assessing historic value, and community preservation.

Future Expansion

Proponents of historical preservation are not seeking to impede the nation’s progress. Instead, they want to help people understand the importance of historic resources and how it is essential for further generations to understand the past in order to understand themselves. With the help of the current generation of preservationists, the understanding can help the movement continue to expand in innovative ways using modern technology. Without a firm understanding at the foundation of both generations, there will be no working together for the future.