What You Need to Know About Excavating Your Basement Before Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement is a big job. But it’s worth it because this space can get moldy and filled with moisture easily, which can lead to mold and other structural issues. As part of the waterproofing process, you’re going to need someone to help with the basement excavation process.

Excavating your basement using large machinery could be potentially dangerous if you haven’t done it before or lack the proper training to operate the equipment. The main thing you should know before you start excavating your basement is that heavy equipment will come into close proximity to your home and living spaces, so you should be prepared to take safety precautions.

What the Process Entails

When you waterproof your basement, you have to repair or replace the footer drain tiles. These tiles surround your home’s foundation. During basement excavation, an excavating machine will dig the trench needed to work on these footer drains. The digging will also be done as close to the side of the home as possible – even just a minor mistake made by the excavator can significantly damage your home. The contractor you hire will work with care to prevent this from happening.

Prepping for the Project

Before the project, you may want to plan to be out of your home while the digging and excavating are underway. You should notify your family members and neighbors to stay clear of the project site, especially the excavating equipment while it digs the trench. If someone needs to go near the trench or machinery, they should plan on wearing proper protective equipment. 

If the professionals working on your basement excavation project think it will take more than one day to complete, make sure your children do not go near the open trench. You should also double check that the contractor uses shoring to keep your basement walls from collapsing as you wait for the excavation process to conclude.