Whether you need work done on your foundation or are having additions put on your home that require new digging, if you are in need of jacking your house up, you should never handle the job as a do it yourself project. While it can be tempting to think that only applies to large jobs like elevating your entire home, even a simple project that requires you to raise one corner should be left to the pros. If you’re thinking about jacking your house up on your own, here are three important reasons to reconsider.

It’s Difficult

While it should go without saying, it’s worth driving home the point that jacking your house is not the same thing as jacking your car. With such a large task it is crucial that the task is approached with the expertise required to avoid catastrophe. Hiring a professional means you don’t need to worry about trying to figure out the proper technique on your own.

It’s Dangerous

Anytime you’re removing a home from its resting spot on your foundation you should know that you’re taking a risk. When done incorrectly, jacking a house up can lead to serious injury or even death if you create structural instability or trigger a collapse in your home. Only a trained professional can ensure that proper safety procedures are followed.

It Can Cost You Money

Although you may look at handling your own work as a way to save money, that’s a short-sighted approach. The damage caused by improperly jacking your home up is significantly higher than the cost of hiring a house lifting service to competently handle the process.

Expanding your DIY-credentials is a great achievement in many scenarios, but sometimes you need to know when it’s best to call in a trained expert. If your home needs to be lifted get in contact with a professional house lifter today to see how they can help.