House Lifting Benefits You May Not Have Considered

Are you in a flood plain or hurricane path? You may have even experienced the destruction that those floodwaters can have on your home. People in many coastal areas have started either building their homes on stilts or lifting their existing homes so they are protected from storm surges. These are some unexpected benefits you can gain from house lifting.

Your Insurance May Be Cheaper

When you raise your home, you remove the chance that it could flood during major weather events. When your home is out of flood danger, your flood insurance rates can be reduced significantly. You see, your insurance company weighs the risk of flooding and bases your rates on this risk. When you lift your home out of danger, the risk of flooding is significantly reduced, making it less likely that you will submit these types of claims.

If you consider the cost of house lifting and compare it to the money you will save on insurance while you are paying a mortgage, you may find that lifting the house will actually save you more money than you spend raising the house.

You Can Stay in Your Home

No one likes to move, but no one wants to live in a soggy house either. If you are consistently hit by storms or your home is always flooding, your house is the last place you want to stay. However, by lifting your house, you can stay right where you are, in the home and neighborhood, schools and amenities you love, and not live in a consistently flooding home.

Staying in your home also saves you money on realtor, mover, utility setup and other fees. In addition, your belongings stay safe in your home, so you aren’t replacing things that broke during the move.

Possible Extra Storage

Everyone loves extra storage, and when you lift your home, you can build a storage area under it. However, only store things that can’t be damaged by floodwaters in your new storage.

Lifting your house has several unexpected benefits. Consider these benefits as you continue your research on house lifting.