Things To Consider When Deciding To Lift a House

If you love your home but find that it needs some adjustments to work for your family, you may consider house lifting, a process of lifting your home and rebuilding a new first floor that will meet your needs. If you live in a flood plain or hurricane-prone area, you may also want to lift your home to protect it from flooding. These are things to consider when deciding whether to lift your home or purchase or build a new home.

Research the Area

Before you decide to lift your home, you should investigate the area, including the annual weather patterns and where the flood plains are located. Your research should include your location as well. For example, is your home in the regular path of hurricanes or other major storms? If your home is in an area that floods regularly, it may save your home to lift it, but it may not be worth it to build a new first floor once the lift is completed.

Research Permitting Requirements

House lifting may be considered a major change to your home, depending on your local regulations. Your contractor should know what permits and paperwork is required before your lift. However, be prepared for some fees.

Have Your Home Inspected

Your inspector needs to check to ensure that your foundation is stable and strong. If your home has been flooded or hit by storms in the past, it may have cracks or other damage to the foundation. This will affect your lift. Your foundation may need to be reinforced or replaced.

Your home’s structure also needs to be evaluated. Any weak points, such as those you can find in new additions or interior courtyards, can cause damage to your home during the house lifting process. In addition, if your home has more than one floor, any shifts during the lift can result in costly repairs.

Discuss these issues with your construction team, who can also let you know about possible damages during the lift.

After you have done your research and gotten your quotes, you can compare these costs to building a new home on your property or in another area. If you want to invest your money in a home you love, house lifting may be your solution.