What You Need to Know About the Cost of Moving Your House


Moving a house is not for the faint of heart. Nor, by any stretch of the imagination, is it a DIY project. You will need the services of a reputable, reliable and experienced Structural Moving company.

In terms of how it will cost to move your house, many factors, including the following, come into play:

  • Your house’s size and weight
  • Its structure and shape
  • Its foundation and crawl space
  • How far you want to move it
  • The number and types of obstacles in the way
  • Accessibility to roads that will accommodate it and the truck that hauls it

Overall, experts say that moving a house usually costs somewhere between 50%-75% of a new build for a comparable house. In other words, you can expect to pay somewhere between $12-$16 per square foot.

Why Move Your House?

Sentimentality is not a good reason to move your house. But if you live in a historic home or must recover from flooding, Structural Moving can be a viable option. Other valid reasons include the following:

  • You want to move your house further away from the street.
  • You want to move it further away from a waterfront or shoreline.
  • You want to move it into the adjacent lot you also own so as to better utilize both lots.
  • You want to simply lift it so your contractor can put in a basement or fix foundation problems.
  • You’d rather spend your money to move your current home rather than build a new one that you and your family wouldn’t like as well.

Choosing Your Contractor Wisely

When you shop for a Structural Moving company, look for one with the following characteristics:

  • One that has been in business for a significant period of time.
  • One that has a track record of moving houses similar to yours.
  • One that has its own tools for moving exceptionally heavy structures weighing 800 tons or more.
  • One that has the capability to lift and move structures regardless of their composition, e.g., stone, block, brick, concrete, steel, log, etc.
  • One that can handle all aspects of your home’s move, including not only supporting and lifting the structure, but also excavating, if necessary, removing trees and utility lines, and handling all traffic control issues.

All in all, Structural Moving may be just the answer you’re looking for to preserve your historic or otherwise valuable home.