There's a restorative serenity that happens within a part of us all when we gaze silently out onto an ocean. The calm waters and reflecting sun's rays evoke peace and bring perspective to our lives. It's no stretch of the imagination to understand the desire to live alongside the ocean borders, nor is there for very tangible concern. Insurance is leaving little if any room for homeowner's personal risk management, and their requirements are justified. We have seen firsthand the devastation a hurricane or downpour can confrontationally bring to your doorstep, and since you are here reading this, unfortunately, we imagine you have as well.

But there are solutions, and as one door closes, another opens. We can help make the best of a bad situation so much so that you will have trouble looking back on it and deeming it unfortunate. Homeowners have recovered from floods with improvements that have truly changed their living experience for the better. Some choose to elevate their homes by way of concrete piers and create parking spaces below their first level, creating ample car coverage as well as function work or leisure space. Others enclose the space and create an entirely new level, where a place for a relative or long-forgotten hobby now can thrive in. Regardless of your plans, we've been intimately a part of this journey for many clients and find the transformation a shared and rewarding one.


Can You Be More Specific?

Absolutely. The location of your building in terms of distance to a flooding risk determines the height you need to reach; sometimes it's personal preference, often times its FEMA required. The first degree of protection deals with avoiding water damage and you don't have to be beachside property to face this danger; a heavy rainfall can flood your basement, overwhelm your first floor, or be the straw that breaks the back of a failing foundation. Don't despair however; this happens to the best of us and your investment is far from ruined. Jacking your home to recover - or doing it preventively - is where we come in.


We have decades of coming up to the most challenging situations and leaving the site with resolution. Post Hurricane Sandy, for example, we salvaged a nearly totaled-house that had been displaced - without mercy - from its existing (elevated) foundation and chaotically dislodged into their neighbor's house. This is a sight that would make any professional building mover - and especially homeowner - cringe. Nevertheless, we rose to the occasion and with a fearless determination, supported, guided, and refastened the house to new foundations. We saved this home - in all its tangible and nostalgic worth - and are long-time friends with the owners, as a result.



Protect Your Structure From Water Damage
The first step securing your home or commercial building for life at the beach is to protect it from potential water damage. A good solution here is to raise your structure above the flood risk level. With our unified hydraulic jacking systems, we can safely raise your structure to the necessary height. This maintains the integrity of the drywall and plaster as much as possible so that we can construct a new foundation underneath. We also use helical pile foundations, which are a FEMA recognized alternative to timber and pre-casted concrete piles, frequently used in coastal flood zones. Helical pile foundations provide cost-savings benefits, minimal environmental disturbance, require no need to move the home while they are being installed, are effective in any soil condition and are resistant to corrosion.

Let us be a part of safeguarding your residence. Contact us for an obligation-free quote by way of a phone call or email.

Living on the ocean is a homeowner’s dream. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves, a beach in your backyard and the possibility of being on a permanent summer holiday makes living at the coast an unforgettable experience. That is, until nature strikes. While there are so many benefits of coastal living, there are certain challenges as well – namely, that beautiful water we love so much. Flood risk is a serious concern for those who own properties within a close proximity to the ocean. Therefore, it’s necessary to take precaution and protect your home and commercial building from potential flooding and water damage. At Encore House Lifters, we have more than 30 years experience as coastal elevation specialists. We know how to get your house ready to stand up to whatever mother natures throws at it.

Flood Recovery Services
If you’re home has already suffered flood damage, we also have the potential to not only repair the impaired structure, but also prepare and protect it from future storms. Our complete list of flood recovery services includes excavation, foundation removal, new foundation installation, structural removal, carpentry and more. We can also raise your structure once it has already been affected by flood damage.


Whether you want to protect your home from future storms, or you need to repair flood damage within your structure today, we are here to help. At Encore House Lifters, we have the skills, knowledge and tools to repair and protect from all potential challenges that come with coastal living. Please contact us today [link to contact page] for a free estimate regarding your specific project including foundation estimates and a plan for repair and prevention in the future.