It's one thing to learn the challenges of being a profiteer in a business, managing the commercial ebbs and flows and staying afloat during it all amidst a tremulous economy; it's an additional challenge to be across from your building's impermanence. We understand the strain that can be placed on you when your structure needs attention, be if from a failing or sinking foundation; a storm that now you are left to recover from; new insurance demands; or a square footage equation that falls short of your current needs. We are here as a key player in making the needed changes manageable financially, schedule-wise, and profitable for your investment.


Addressing Structural-Ailing

Signs You likely know the clues your building is telling you about timing for an adjustment: cracking surfaces, stubborn doors that don't fit their openings, and visible slants that are not a part of the architectural design are just a few. It's tempting to turn a blind eye to these calls for attention but there comes a day when the issues are threatening the integrity and action is required. Before this day becomes overwhelming, let us get involved in the conversation and planning; we are immensely versed with getting your building back to where it needs to be, be it through a leveling-lift adjustment; a minor or significant jacking for foundation repairs or replacement; or any number of other solutions that best fit the scenario. A consultation is free so you've literally got nothing to lose, only something to gain


We Don't Mess Around

We have the know-how and equipment for an enormous range of project size and specificity making our price - and the quality delivered - unbeatable. We use the most efficient hydraulic jacking systems available and know the best union of structural support plus avoiding excess weight, making our lifts singularly focused on what needs to be lifted and nothing more, keeping your material costs as stream-lined as it gets. We own and have even customized (in our personal warehouse) machinery and tools that best suit the job. This multi-faceted understanding comes from decades of experience and weighing firsthand the pros and short-comings of industry standards. Safety, efficiency and sensitive handling are our top job site priorities, always.



At Encore House Lifters our team has the skills and equipment to jack commercial structures that exceed 800 tons. We own all of our equipment and thus, there is no need to rent – which can add extra costs and time to the project. We use only the most sophisticated equipment and safest technologies available including unified hydraulic jack systems, steel beams, steel rollers with needled bearings, radio remote controlled cranes, radio remote controlled moving dollies, articulated trailers, 24’ box trucks (which contain the jack system), jacks, welders, compressors and generators. Everything is completed in a safe and secure manner. Our innovative methods also help to save time and costs, and are more effective at spreading the load out evenly compared to traditional methods.
Should your commercial structure need jacking – which includes buildings, bridges [link to bridge jacking] and more – we will first set the temporary building jacks at the proper load points. This step if vital to the success of the project. Next, if required we will replace existing columns or install the necessary equipment to restore stability to the building’s foundation.

How Do You Tell If Your Commercial Structure Needs Jacking?


There are a few telltale signs that something isn’t right underneath your structure. When a foundation has been compromised you may notice uneven, sloped or bulging walls and floors, cracks in the in tiles or wall plaster, difficulty opening and closing doors and windows, unleveled countertops, staircases and/or floors. You may also want to jack up your structure in the case of flood or water damage, which may have impaired the building’s strength and foundation.
Should any of these indications occur in your building, it’s vital to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible. If the structure is not properly supported, it can lead to further damage and added costs in the future, as well as potentially lead to an unsafe environment for the building’s users.


Reach Out. I Promise, We Don't Bite.

Before you doubt your project's suitability or precarious characteristics, request a quote here on our website, it's very simple. Be your property a simply-constructed building, a beer-brewing mill, a pedestrian or vehicular bridge, or any other structure, let us work with you about how to make things happen.


Are you interested in our commercial jacking services? Please contact us today for more information about your specific project. We are happy to discuss all elements of the process and will diligently work to find the best solution for you. Get a free quote