Historical structures are an important part of our nation's character, history and treasures which we are so fortunate to get to experience firsthand. Their walls tell unique stories of the past and through their standing the stress of what surviving years provides, often evolve into fragile pieces that are up to us to revive. It is for this reason we have grown to be a large presence in the landscape of preserving historical buildings; from decades of immeasurable experience, we are sympathetic to the sensitivities of handling not only materials and construction methods used from a different time, but of the challenges material decay affords. Coming up to a historical structure and honoring it is a focused niche in the building moving department and not everyone has the knowhow and tools to do it successfully. (We do.)



How Building Movers and History Come Together As a building stand the test of time, the surroundings' function and attractiveness evolve and can unfortunately diminish the building's (associative) reputation. Thus, part of historical preservation includes relocating a recognized structure to a spot that is more conducive of a positive display.

Some National Register structures we have had the privilege of rescuing include:

  • The Classic-Revival style architecturally-contributing Alexander House (d. 1811) of Springfield, MA's relocation to a better suited street for viewing (as well as drainage resolution)
  • The crucial re-leveling of Gloucester's City Hall's (d. 1870) monumental bell tower, saving it from its nearinevitable collapse
  • New Hampshire's Kennard House's relocation/renovation/expansion project deemed honorable to revive and re-envision; recognized with a Preservation Award by the Manchester Historic Association
  • Middletown, CT's 1835 Stern House relocated and remodeled with sympathetic restorations to be reused by the Kidcity Children's Museum for a place of exploration and learning
  • And many more...

In addition to moving historical structures, we jack them for foundation-replacement and thus, the life of the building can continue on. We have the ability to lift over 800 tons so neither stone, brick or size shy us away. Reach out with a phone call or quote inquiry and become a part of preserving American history by way of architectural conservation.

Historical buildings are part of our nation’s treasure chest. They tell the stories of the past and are incredibly unique – but often also extremely fragile. For this reason, raising and moving some of America’s oldest homes requires the precision and expertise of a professional contractor. There are many reasons why a historical structure may need to be moved or lifted. The surrounding environment, for example, has greatly changed since the building’s initial construction. It may be located in an area that is no longer conducive to the historical building, perhaps due to lack of space, other buildings, or flood risk, for example.
At Encore House Lifters, we specialize in the historical preservation of homes and commercial structures. We bring unique mixture of two succesful family-owned contracting firms to the table with nearly 100 years of experience in total between us


We take great pride and pleasure in our ability to preserve historic structures for future generations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote about our complete historical preservation services.