Are you considering adding value, use and enjoyment to your home by way of a basement additional or greater ceiling height? Or guard it more substantially against future natural disasters? It can be exciting to plan out home improvements as your dwelling represents more than what the tangible walls provide. When you are ready for such steps - or are still in the conversation phrase - let us answer your questions and add to the progression of making your goals a reality.

To a newcomer, raising a house can feel like an enormous undertaking that consequently, creates concerns: how is my investment kept intact? What sort of timeframe and resources does this actually mean for me? Who do I talk to? Let Encore be involved, as we offer a free consultation - that includes a price! - without any signing on.

Protect Your Home From Flooding Disaster

Residences both coastal and inland are faced with decisions of how to protect their largest investment. Post Hurricane Sandy especially, we are guided to make adjustments by way of our flood insurance stipulations or chose to from our own risk assessment. Regardless of what brought you here, we absorb the challenges you are dealing with and have decades of solution-based practice that is applicable to your needs. Driving down the shoreline and seeing our sign in nearly every yard can solidify our reputable work. Safety, efficiency and familyvalued relationships with our clients are our goals met.

Bigger storms. More rain. Increased flooding. This is a trend we’re seeing throughout the U.S. Protecting your home or commercial structure against flooding is a necessary solution to reduce the chances of costly flood damage. With decades of professional experience, we have the skills and expertise to raise your structure exactly to your specifications with ease. Especially in coastal regions, raising your home may be a vital step in the defense against heavy precipitation and water damage.Relocate? Oh boy.

Rest assured, this isn't nearly as rare or impossible as you may think: we have moved residences, historical buildings, oversized commercial structures, and even bridges, so please hear that a house move is practice we have honed well.

The reasons for a home relocation are great and varied:

  1. A scheduled-for-demolition building can be purchased for as little as $1. Seriously! If the prices is too enticing to pass - up but the location isn't - let's work together to get it where it could land ideally for you.
  2. Your surroundings are an unignorable problem: be it a busy road that is loud all hours of the day and night, or a neighbor's new addition that has eliminated your once-spectacular view, moving your home to a better spot is the way to go.
  3. Architectural and historical preservation: over time, the original location of a home no longer suits the owner's preferences for use. Changes to the surroundings - be it commercially, topographically, or others - alter the experience of the place, and reclaiming its unique value by way of a relocation is a feasible resolution.

Big? No problem.

We have the resources to lift and move structures exceeding 800 tons. That is over EIGHT blue whales, which grow to each be 100' long and are the world's largest living animal! All of the equipment needed for such a venture is in our very own backyard; we never have to rent machinery, as many other building movers do. Whatever it may be, from the largest house imaginable to boats, barges, or modular homes, be it made of stone, block, concrete, steel, or log, we challenge you to deem it immovable.

Increase Head Room in Your Basement
Want to make your basement seemingly more spacious? Increasing headspace will instantly make your home’s darkest dungeon bright and cheerful. We can either raise the home itself or lower the basement floor. In both cases, the structure will be 100% supported during the entire process.

Adding Vertical Value to Your Home

As your family's size or your abode's needs evolve, an excellent solution to adding square footage is growing above or below. Adding or increasing your basement size can double your space and consequently, increase your home's market value; counting another story to your home does the same. We can even lift roof structures to make ceiling heights more grand and entire rooms change their feel. If you can imagine it, we can lift it.

Raising Your Home to Make Room for a New Story
Want to increase your home’s square footage without building out or up? Build under! We can add a story below your homes existing structure. We simply raise your home to the level of the new space’s height and then install a new foundation and exterior frame in place. Our crew takes care of every step of the process, including design, cleaning and remodeling the upper stories.

Do you want to fortify your home’s protection against flooding? Perhaps add a new story or increase headroom in your basement?

Look no further than our professional house and building lifting services. We have the skills and experience to get the job done right, on budget and on time. The entire house lifting process entails separating the building from its original foundation and must be carefully completed by a professional to ensure no damage to the existing structure. During the process, the structure must be completely supported and at Encore House Lifters we use on the most sophisticated, safest and innovative technologies to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.


Each project must take into account site-specific factors – square footage, foundation material, flood zone rating, local regulations and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information about our professional house lifting services. We provide a no-obligation, free quote and will work with you until we find the perfect solution.