Hurricane Harvey Disaster Management

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Picking Up The Pieces After Harvey? We Can Help


We are seeing a surge of natural disasters recently and we understand how challenging the predicament you've been thrown into is; we want to help.

Team Encore has scoured the coastal cities affected by hurricanes for the last crucial years - literally digging people out of huge messes - and now we've arrived at your doorstep to continue the same posture. The days of worrying are behind you and problem-solving ones are ahead.

Serving: Brazoria, Freeport, Lake Jackson, West Columbia

Who Are We?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let us introduce who we are: if you haven't had a chance to meet us or browse our website, we are a two family-owned and operated building moving and lifting companies.

Each business has three generations invested in their expertise and over the decades, our portfolio of variable and challenging projects has grown immense, grounding in us an unwaverable confidence approaching any project. There isn't a set of issues that intimidates us, we've seen it all.

We say this only to alert you to the depths of our problem-solving capability, efficient methods, and necessary machinery accumulated.

Time to elevate!


Our experience is good news for you, and we'd like to share some of it here. Right now, for you and your needs, it's important to digest applicable steps of remediation; we assume a good portion of you are amidst flooded destruction right now, making it a wise time to elevate your home. Hear this- when the house interior is either fully or nearly gutted it is prime time to elevate!

Structure Elevation


Elevating is crucial to avoid future repetitive financial and property loss, and, its required by FEMA and insurance. We have seen this a hundred times over and it's an investment to solidly believe in, trust us. If you haven't had the misfortune of learning the costs of hurricane damage prior to now, consider this trauma an opportunity to repair and prevent future heartache



Catch the window of time prior to premiums increasing and towns and insurance adjusting regulations sprouting from a reactionary stance. Before long, costs can increase as much as four times your current rate so when we advise to act now for safety and affordability, it's truly for your own benefit, not ours.

There is a way out and the experts are here!


We are well versed in the elevation needs specific to this region's construction materials and methods, geographic character traits, and climate challenges. All these factors are key players in best reviving your home to once again be a safe and personal sanctuary. Be it monolithic, slab separation or footing, or pier and beam elevating perimeters, we can make it happen.


Be sure to reach out to us to discuss exactly what you're facing to navigate the best possible route. A phone call or email for question answering comes along with no obligation; we respect your need to research and learn before decision-making.